Get access to the following resources relevant to the aloe vera industry and gathered for use by IASC members, consumers, and retailers.

Scientific Library

Find articles from leading aloe researchers and scientific institutions about the historical use of aloe vera, its cultivation and processing, and scientific investigations in humans and animals regarding its properties.


Access the latest versions of IASC publications on aloe vera and its processing, labelling and quality.

Events Calendar

Find the dates of upcoming events in the natural products industry.

Aloe Vera Processing

Concise information about how aloe vera is processed from field to shelf – read about the process of decolorization and watch a short video.

Regulatory Information

IASC members can access information about international regulations that impact aloe vera and products made from aloe vera.

Social Media

As a resource for our members, IACS provides social media graphics and suggested captions that member companies can post and share to promote aloe as a plant and ingredient, educate the public about the benefits of aloe, and publicize the important work of IASC.