Board of Directors

2022 IASC Board of Directors

The IASC is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the association membership. All IASC members in good standing are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors. The Board conducts open meetings twice a year to administer the business of the association. All IASC members are invited to participate in the election of Board members and to attend Board meetings.
Pictured above (from left): Antonio Maldonado, Jesper Hummelhuhr, Mesfin Yimam, Maryann Webb, Don Lovelace, Charlie Metcalfe, Gary Swanson, Jeff Barrie, Santiago Rodriguez, Sabine Larsen-Vefring, Brian Meadows, and Andreas Finger.

Not pictured: Chris Clarke, Xavier Resendez, James Boggus, Thies Dols, Chris McDougall, Ramiro Estrada, Walt Jones, Jose Zuniga.  

Jeff Barrie

Don Lovelace
Lily of the Desert

Santiago Rodriguez
Lorand Laboratories

Chris Clarke
Winning Solutions

Charles Metcalfe
Custom Analytics

Thies Dols
Aloe Vera of Europe

Gary Swanson

Andreas Finger
LR Health & Beauty

Jesper Hummeluhr

Ramiro Estrada Evalos
Aloe Jaumave

MaryAnn Webb

Antonio Maldonado
InterAgro Campeche

Walt Jones

Xavier Resendez
Aloe Vera of America

Sabine Larsen-Vefring

Jose Zuniga
Natural Aloe de Costa Rica

James Boggus
Aloe Vera of America

Brian Meadows
Concentrated Aloe

Mesfin Yimam


Chris McDougall
Terry Labs


2022 Executive Committee

Emeritus and Honorary Members

Chair: Andreas Finger, LR Health & Beauty

B. William Lee, Univera

Vice Chair: Santiago Rodriguez, Lorand Labs

Mick Anderson, Retired

Treasurer: Charles Metcalfe, Custom Analytics

Virginia Smothers, Retired

Secretary: Sabine Larsen-Vefring, SGS


At-large: Maryann Webb, Ashland 


At-large: Thies Dols, Aloe Vera of Europe


At-large: Antonio Maldonado, InterAgro Campeche