Member Benefits

IASC serves as a liaison and source of information for research on aloe vera, and the development and promotion of its associated products. IASC members have access to a wide variety of information, support, and advice; here is a sampling of what IASC membership includes and how it can benefit your business or organization.
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Advocacy and Representation

Government relations – IASC actively engages with the government agencies and offices that generate and influence the regulations that govern aloe vera products. In the US, this engagement includes the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
Internationally, IASC engages with international government agencies on behalf of the aloe industry at the request of its members. IASC is a member of the International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations (IADSA), which further extends IASC’s international representation of the aloe industry and provides IASC members with access to a wide range of international regulatory information. 
Scientific involvement – IASC participates with many of the leading scientific organizations that perform botanical research (including United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), and AOAC International. These activities enable IASC to represent the aloe vera trade and ensure that the perspectives of industry are accurately presented and well understood. IASC members have access to a large library of peer-reviewed scientific information on aloe vera, as well as scientific support provided by IASC staff and other IASC company member experts.
Industry spokesperson – IASC staff act as spokespersons for the aloe products industry by maintaining access to relevant media outlets. This spokesperson role enables IASC to publicize the benefits of aloe vera products and to correct the record when inaccuracies are published about aloe.


IASC Code of Ethics – IASC members agree to comply with the Association’s Code of Ethics & Business Conduct, which contains recommended business practices adopted by the association. When an industry self-regulates, fair business practices are emphasized and the industry works together as a team for its mutual benefit.
IASC Facility and Product Certification Programs – The IASC Certification program for facilities ensures that good manufacturing practices are utilized at aloe processing plants. The IASC Certification program for finished products assures retailers and consumers that products contain authentic aloe vera that meets quality and purity standards. This program differentiates participating companies from those that may use aloe of low quality and make unsubstantiated product claims. IASC member companies receive member pricing for these programs.
Companies participating in these IASC certification programs are listed on the IASC website so that they can be easily identified by interested consumers and retailers.
IASC Guidance Documents – IASC develops guidance documents to assist members in addressing a variety of quality and regulatory issues and to communicate the consensus of IASC’s members and its Board of Directors. IASC encourages its members and non-member companies to utilize these guidance documents in the interest of establishing consistent and informed trade practices.
IASC Committees – IASC’s committees allow members to exchange information about the critical issues, such as regulatory inspection practices, that challenge the aloe vera products industry. All IASC members are eligible to participate on any of the IASC committees by request. Together, IASC members are at the forefront of responding to regulatory and scientific issues to the mutual benefit of the aloe vera industry.


Outreach – IASC staff review federal and trade publications and report to members on developments that may affect business. When the industry news is urgent, IASC members receive emergency alerts or press releases.
IASC membership directory – IASC members are listed in a public online member directory with hyperlinks to member company websites.
Quarterly Newsletter – IASC members receive the quarterly newsletter Inside Aloe, which provides updates on the activities of the association, articles contributed by members, legal and regulatory updates, and a list of recent scientific articles of interest to the aloe vera community.
Networking – IASC facilitates communication amongst the aloe vera industry through IASC's quarterly newsletter, publications, educational events, committee meetings, and other member events. This enables dialogue with peer organizations and aloe entrepreneurs who understand your business and industry collaboration on issues of mutual interest.
Industry Liaison – IASC acts as a liaison to other trade associations in the natural products industry, allowing for the development of consensus positions and actions on matters of common interest.


IASC provides access to educational webinars on topics such as allowable product claims, guidance for industry on labeling, and international regulations in order to provide members with the information they need to do business and comply with all federal, state and international regulations.

IASC Member Discounts

  • New members receive discounted membership fees for the first two years of membership (50% off dues for years 1 and 2)
  • Member pricing for participation in the IASC Facility and Product Certification Programs
  • Discounted registrations for American Herbal Product Association educational events (register at AHPA member price)
  • 10% discount on legal services provided through Ullman, Shapiro & Ullman LLP