About IASC

The International Aloe Science Council

The International Aloe Science Council (IASC) is a not-for-profit trade organization for the aloe vera industry. Aloe growers, processors, finished goods manufacturers, marketing companies, insurance companies, testing laboratories, consultants, physicians, scientists and researchers are all eligible for membership in IASC. Member companies are based in the Americas, the European Union, Asia, and the South Pacific. The common bond between this diverse group of entities is the shared interest in researching the science of the aloe vera plant and promoting its use in dietary supplements, skin care products, beverages, and a wide variety of other products. The IASC provides the forum for establishing and sharing best practices in the aloe business community, as well as creating common standards for the aloe vera marketplace.


The IASC was originally founded as the National Aloe Science Council in 1980 by leading members of the Aloe vera industry with a shared interest in establishing quality standards for aloe vera raw materials and finished products. The standards provide a mechanism for industry self-regulation and voluntary demonstration of a commitment to using authentic, high quality aloe vera in a wide variety of consumer products.


The mission of the IASC is to advance, promote, and represent the aloe vera industry by providing educational, scientific, and self-regulatory leadership and guidance.