Access the latest versions of IASC publications on aloe vera and its processing, labelling and quality.

Aloe vera Scientific Primer

This document provides an overview of commonly traded aloe species, the components that are in commercial trade, and information about the commercial cultivation of aloe vera as an international commodity ingredient.

IASC Labeling Guidance

Adherence to this labeling guidance is required for IASC members selling aloe vera products manufactured for sale in the United States. It is recommended as guidance for aloe vera products manufactured for sale worldwide.

Glossary of Terms

This document provides definitions for terms commonly used in the aloe vera industry.

IASC Aloe vera Quality Standard

This standard describes the minimum content, marker constituents, organoleptic properties, and contaminants for aloe vera raw materials. The aloe vera quality standard forms the basis of the IASC certification program for aloe vera products.

California Proposition 65 Frequently Asked Questions

The document provides background on the California Proposition 65 listing of “Aloe vera, non-decolorized whole leaf extract”, and how this chemical differs from products supplied by IASC member companies.