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IASC has been the primary advocate for the aloe vera industry and the science of the aloe vera plant for over 40 years. Find out more about this unique association.

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  • IASC Member Spotlight: Terraloe

    • Thursday, May 23, 2024
    • | Posted by admin

    IASC Member Spotlight: Terraloe Founded in 2017, Terraloe upholds a strong commitment to producing high quality, organic aloe vera at their thriving aloe plantation spanning over 100 hectares in Falcón state, Venezuela. Terraloe's passion for aloe also extends to their care for the wellbeing of their workers and the impact their operations have on the natural environment. Learn more about Terraloe at https://www.terraloe.care/.

  • IASC Member Spotlight: Aloe Queen

    • Thursday, May 16, 2024
    • | Posted by admin

    IASC Member Spotlight: Aloe Queen Headquartered in Texas, Aloe Queen is a vertically integrated, certified organic aloe vera manufacturer with facilities in Mexico. Providing all types of aloe vera juice, gels and powders to the international market, Aloe Queen harvests 1,500 metric tons of fresh aloe vera leaves per week. Learn more about Aloe Queen and their IASC-certified aloe products at https://aloequeen.com/.

  • IASC Member Spotlight: Aloe Premium

    • Thursday, May 9, 2024
    • | Posted by admin

    IASC Member Spotlight: Aloe Premium Based in Mexico, Aloe Premium is a family-owned business with extensive agriculture experience behind their organic aloe plantations. Their high-quality infrastructure, equipment, and technology optimizes their production and export of high-quality aloe vera globally. Learn more about Aloe Premium at http://aloepremium.mx/.

  • IASC Member Spotlight: Aloe Plus Lanzarote

    • Thursday, May 2, 2024
    • | Posted by admin

    IASC Member Spotlight: Aloe Plus Lanzarote! Located in the Canary Islands, Aloe Plus Lanzarote operates the largest organic aloe vera plantation in all of Europe and offers a wide range of aloe vera cosmetic and food products. Uniquely, Aloe Plus Lanzarote also operates interpretation centers/museums across the different villages on the island of Lanzarote, where visitors can learn about the history, cultivation, production, and benefits of aloe vera. Learn more about Aloe Plus Lanzarote at https://aloepluslanzarote.com/.