IASC Policies


The IASC Bylaws serve as a constitutional document to guide the operation of the association. The Bylaws define the various IASC membership categories, describes the structure and authority of the board of directors and establishes rules for elections and other decision-making processes. Through the Bylaws, the rights of each company that joins IASC are ensured.
The IASC Bylaws can be downloaded here.

Code of Ethics

IASC members are required to comply with the Code of Ethics & Business Practices and to adhere to all of its policies and principles. This Code of Ethics was adopted by the membership and so reflects the ethics of the responsible center of the aloe products trade. By taking responsibility for our own business practices, IASC and its members can ensure that those practices are informed by experience.
The IASC Code of Ethics can be downloaded here.

Labeling Guidance and Definitions

The Labeling Guidance & Definitions was developed in an effort to reduce consumer and regulatory confusion and avoid unnecessary enforcement actions against aloe vera product marketers. The guidance requires label changes for those products marketed in the U.S. and is recommended for products for sale globally. To address U.S. regulatory concerns regarding a lack of standardization in the identification of aloe ingredients, the adopted Guidance also requires that IASC members comply with the definitions identified in the section "Definitions of Terms Commonly Used in Aloe Industry."
The IASC Labeling Guidance and Definitions can be downloaded here.

Use of DNA Testing

IASC has released a statement on the use of DNA barcode testing for botanical products which can be downloaded here.