Topical and oral applications of Aloe vera improve healing of deep second-degree burns in rats via modulation of growth factors

In this study, the authors assessed the wound healing impact of aloe vera administration both topically and orally in a rat model. The authors concluded that both routes of administration had beneficial effects to the healing of deep second degree burns by boosting growth factors and antioxidant status. Topical administration was deemed to be more efficient in this study.


Introduction: Burn injuries are underappreciated injuries that cause significant morbidity and mortality. Burn injuries, especially severe burns, trigger immunological and inflammatory responses, metabolic abnormalities, and distributive shock, all of which can be extended to multiple organ failures. Aloe vera (A. vera) has been exploited for its medicinal properties for centuries. The goal of the present study is to examine the therapeutic effect of topical and oral administration of A. vera against deep second-degree burn in rats.