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IASC Member Spotlight: Aloe Oil and Butter

IASC Member Spotlight: Aloe Oil & Butter!

Aloe Oil and Butter was founded on the concept of “Aloe Vera a New Way."

With over 40 years of knowledge and experience in leading the industry, Aloe Oil and Butter is vertically integrated, operating over 2,500 acres of organic aloe vera fields and a state-of-the-art facility and production line in Mexico.
Look for Aloe Oil and Butter's IASC certified aloe products and learn more at

IASC Member Spotlight: Aloe Life

IASC Member Spotlight: Aloe Life!

Founded by nutritionist Karen Masterson Koch and her husband Terry Koch, Aloe Life is a family-owned company that developed out of a dream to help make the world’s population healthier.

On a mission to teach others how to live a healthier life with quality aloe vera products and knowledge, Aloe Life offers a variety of aloe products, ranging from dietary supplements and literature to personal care and pet.

Learn more about Aloe Life at

IASC Member Spotlight: Aloe Labs

Next up for the IASC Member Spotlight series is Aloe Laboratories!

On a mission to promote joy and happiness through products sustained through pure natural harmony, Aloe Labs produces a variety of aloe vera juices, nopal juices as well as concentrates of both.

Vertically integrated, Aloe Labs controls the source of their aloe vera and the proximity of their aloe vera farm greatly reduces the time between when the aloe is harvested to when it is processed, which makes for a higher quality product.

Look for Aloe Labs' IASC certified aloe products and learn more about the responsible aloe manufacturer at

IASC Member Spotlight: Aloe Jaumave

We’re kicking off our IASC Member Spotlight series with Aloe Jaumave!

Founded in the small, beautiful town of Jaumave in northeast Mexico, Aloe Jaumave began its operations in 1989, exporting only fresh aloe vera leaves to the United States. Their name was inspired by their location and the people who live there, with the intention to make their hometown internationally known.
Operating a 500+ hectare certified organic aloe farm, their focus is to offer solution-based products that adapt to each client specific needs, either for end consumer products, concentrates, single strength juices or powder. Learn more about Aloe Jaumave at
Thank you for your commitment to quality and supporting a responsible aloe market, Aloe Jaumave!