How to Apply for IASC Certification

To start the IASC certification process, information is obtained about the the facility or the products to be certified. Once certified, products undergo annual re-certification testing and facilities are re-audited every three years. You can download the forms needed to start the process below under "Certification Forms".    

Certification Forms

Facility Certification:

Download the application to either certify a new facility or recertify a listed facility.

Product Certification:

Download the application to either certify a new product or to recertify a listed product.


Email, call, fax, or write the Certification Coordinator to obtain the necessary forms.

Certification Coordinator: Rosie Ysasi 

Phone: 817-472-7335  
Fax: 301-588-1174  
Mail: 8630 Fenton Street, Suite 918,
          Silver Spring, MD 20910 USA

IASC Certification Program Fee Structure

The following are current fees associated with participation in the IASC Certification Programs effective July 1, 2016. Please contact the Certification Coordinator for a quote for your facility or products.

All fees are in $USD.

Certification Program Fees     Member     Non-Member
Facility Certification Fees      
Facility Certification     $1500     $2000
Auditor Fee (per day, including travel days)     $500     $500
Airfare, transportation, meals, and accommodations     Charged at cost     Charged at cost
Mileage reimbursement     Current IRS rate     Current IRS rate
Product Certification Fees            
First product certified     $1050     $1650
Additional Products, certified with first product     $525 ea.     $825 ea.
Additional products, certified after first product     $1050 ea.     $1650 ea.
Annual product recertification (first product)     $800     $1100
Additional Annual product recertifications (same time)     $525 ea.     $825 ea.
Other Certification Program Fees            
Raw material supplier or manufacturing facility change     $400     $800
Duplicate label certification     $420 ea.     $660 ea.
Laboratory fee     $300     $300


Annual monitoring and random sampling of  certified products and facilities will be conducted at the discretion of the IASC Certification Committee. This random review ensures that participants of the program maintain the highest levels of product integrity and compliance. Should a product not pass certification, or if re-validation is required, a second on-site audit of the manufacturing facility may be scheduled at the expense of the company requesting certification including any airfare or other travel fees, auditor’s fee, meals, lodging and lab fees. 

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