The International Aloe Science Council is a non-profit trade organization for the Aloe Vera industry world-wide. Aloe growers, processors, finished goods manufacturers, marketing companies, insurance companies, equipment suppliers, printers, sales organizations, physicians, scientists and researchers are all eligible for and comprise the membership. The common bond between this diverse group of individuals and companies is an interest in promoting Aloe Vera and its use in skin care products, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and a wide variety of other products.

We serve as a liaison and source of information for research, development and promotion of Aloe Vera and associated products. As a member, you have access to a wide variety of information, support, advice and certification programs. Here is a sampling of what we offer our membership:

We review federal and trade publications and report to you periodically on all Aloe industry news affecting your business. When the industry news is urgent, you receive emergency bulletins or press releases on the particular issue involved.
We study and analyze Federal, State and Local regulations and proposed regulations for possible impact on Aloe manufacturers and distributors. IASC staff interacts with and provides comments to regulatory bodies such as the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to protect and promote the industry.
IASC Membership gives you and your company constant access to other members, associate members and subscribers through IASC's publications, educational events, committee meetings and other member events.
Our Certification program for raw materials and finished goods assures people you are using the purest, most beneficial Aloe possible. This program protects you and the industry from companies using adulterated Aloe and from making false product claims.
We provide you with references, pamphlets and manuals on regulations, technical advice, insurance inspections recalls, good manufacturing practices, international regulations, environmental impact and other significant areas.
You have access to dialogue with peers and Aloe entrepreneurs who understand your kind of business.
We hold open board meetings where subjects of general interest are discussed. All members are invited to attend as guests.
We produce and present educational webinars on topics such as allowable claims, guidance for industry on labeling and international regulations in order to provide members and the industry with information they need to do business and comply with all federal, state and international regulations.
We offer packaging counsel and formulation advice from experts both within and outside the membership.
We have an ongoing liaison with other trade associates and work with them to provide a united front on all matters of common interest.

1996-2012 The International Aloe Science Council